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What I Do

Skills, Hobbies, and Past Experience
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3D Modeling

With a strong focus on low-poly game asset creation, I’m a natural choice for your next game project. I do most of my work in Blender, but I also have experience with Autodesk Maya and Pixologic ZBrush, plus I’m always willing to learn new tools, so I can fit into any workflow.

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Texture Creation

From photo-sourcing to hand-painting to filter-based creation, I create textures for all my products, giving me significant experience with multiple workflows. I also have experience working with Physically-Based Rendering workflows using Allegorithmic’s Substance package.

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Second Life

A large part of my past experience is creating content for virtual world environments, where I’ve established a personal brand and business, drawing in customers of all types, and ensuring every one of them has a good experience and comes back for repeat business.

Unreal Engine 4

I have experience creating assets for Unreal Engine 4 for Rayve Studios as well as my own personal projects. Unreal Engine is incredibly powerful and I find working in it an exhilarating experience. If your next project works with this amazing technology, you can count me in!

About Me

A passionate creator looking to expand his experience and skillset in a friendly and challenging environment.
I knew the moment I started this was my future.

From a young age I was seemingly destined to be an artist. I spent a vast majority of my spare time drawing. Drawing was a "zen" place for me. Turning lines into shapes helped me find an inner peace and zone out, and the excitement when a project was finished is something I live for to this day.

I joined Second Life in 2007, enthralled with the idea of a world created entirely by its inhabitants. I had always wanted to work on games and it seemed like a place to start. 3D art was an entirely new beast for me, but the prospect of a new challenge was irresistible. I set off to learn the skills I needed, and in doing so I found my true calling. 3D was what I'd always been searching for.

  • Creating base assets and textures to go with them

  • Creating extremely detailed sculpts for later conversion into low or high-poly assets

  • Creating quality hand-made animations using found-reference

  • Developing shaders and cinema-quality rendering (e.g. Blender Cycles and Chaos Group's VRay)

People I've Worked With

A.K.A. Other awesome people you might want to know.

Kris Newton

Rayve Studios Environment Artist
Possibly the smartest guy I know. From networking to modeling to Unreal Development and more, Kris knows his stuff. He’s also an instructor at Full Sail University, and possibly the main reason I can even afford to be a content creator myself.

Corey Chouinard

Rayve Studios VFX Artist
A fellow student during my short time at Full Sail University, Corey and I were almost immediately friends. He’s got great skills and is one of few people I know to focus specifically on VFX. Sure to be a welcome addition to any team.

Kyrah Abattoir

Second Life Content Creator
From excellent 3D modeling skill to obsessively intricate script-work. Kyrah is a content creation powerhouse that shares my passion for working on games. She has a knack for excellent detail and texture work, as well.

Kurtis Andrews

Virtual World Scripter Extraordinaire
One of my favorite people to work with. Kurtis has helped me create some of the best products I’ve ever developed in Second Life. He’s also really great with networking.
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